Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Log: July 7 - July 13

This week I continued working on the compiler that evaluates vectors. I implemented a few of the functions that were missing and I think I am somewhat close to finishing up everything on the compiler.

After the last meeting with my mentor, Nico Rodriguez, we decided to put the validation aside for a little bit and start the implementation of the flattening routine.  Arrays is just syntactic sugar for the modeling language; you can construct models that would behave exactly the same using other constructs. For this reason,  flattening makes a lot of sense in the context of the arrays package. Note that the flattening routine is important for the arrays package because it would allow many tools to simulate arrayed models without much effort.

In a previous meeting, we discussed an algorithm for the arrays package. Chris Myers, one of my mentors, helped me solidify the algorithm. I started the implementation, and I am testing the code. I will post details and the results in the next blog post.

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